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What Are Rolling Stocks?
What Are Rolling Stocks?

Rolling Stocks, also known as Channeling Stocks, Wave Stocks, Swing Stocks, Range Riders or Bouncing Stocks, are stocks that behave differently than stocks that simply rise and fall in the traditional sense.  Rolling Stocks are stocks that fluctuate between a specific "fixed" low price point (bottom) and a high price point "ceiling" that occur repeatedly.  The spread or price difference in the consistent fluctuations are what rolling stock traders profit from during their day trading activity.

This type of stock has been a favored type of security among small cap and day traders due to their somewhat predictable nature.  They rely on them, as most of the time the trends or phenomenom are initiated and played by the Market Makers.

Rolling Stock traders simply hang by the coattails of those Market Makers, riding the wave for steady and an immediate return on investment.  Risk can be avoided through stop loss orders should the rolling stock break its trend while you are not monitoring.

Are Rolling Stocks Risky?

Rolling Stocks (Channeling & Wave Stocks) like other stocks can be risky, whether they are penny stocks or blue chips trading over $100 a share, there is a risk to losing some, if not all of your investment.  However, if you use smart trading methods, the risk of capital loss can be mitigated through "sell limit orders" to prevent loss of capital "your investment" in the stock.

The idea to trading swing or channeling stocks is to profit from steady fluctuations "patterns" in a stock between two fixed "sometimes rough" price points that may or may not always be predictable.  Patterns that may have been going on for months, weeks or days.  As a swing trader, your goal is to find and identify these types of stocks and place your buy and sell orders "using stop losses" at the anticipated buy and sell points based off of its trading history.

What Makes Rolling Stocks Attractive to


Well, we believe "and it's only our opinion" that the biggest factor which makes these types of securities so appealing to traders is the possibility that one can profit from relative predictability based off of the stocks previous trading history.  The idea that you can profit from a stock during a fluctuation between common price points, whether it be once or several times will always make these types of stocks appealing to many.


Rolling Stock Profits was has been on the web for over a decade, provide Rolling Stock "Channeling Stock" trading information and picks to day and trend traders alike.

As traders ourselves, we have always been fascinated by rolling stocks, due to the fact it differs from any other type of stock trade.  That is, the strategy is to generate profits from anticipated increases and decreases in price.

One of the first Rolling Stock Trading Information sites on the web, our site has been featured in dozens of on and offline industry publications receiving positive reviews throughout.

Whether you are short term, long term, short seller, or whatever, we know that you will find our Rolling Stock Trading Tutorial "eBook" featured at our site to be extremely insightful, beneficial and profitable for you when trading this type of security.

You see, we've developed our techniques in searching for and identifying rolling stocks that that are oscillating "fluctuating" consistently and we're making this exclusive information available to you.  So, pick up a copy of our guide and start reaping the benefits!



Teaching U.S., Canadian, and Individual Investors Abroad Sensible, Real-World Rolling Stock Trading Tactics.  An Information Site Dedicated To Helping Investors Worldwide Generate Positive Cash Flows in Stock Exchanges Globally, Year After Year By Utilizing Rolling Stock/Range Rider Buy and Sell Tactics. 

Our information teaches the average investor to find Profitable Rolling Stocks on their own, rather than relying on daily/weekly or Bi-Monthly Stock Picking/Information Services on the web.  An education process that is simple, to the point, effective and quick to comprehend. 


Here Is How A Rolling Stock

Trading Play Works

The types of stocks we primarily focus in on are small to mid-cap rolling stocks.  Stocks that fluctuate between 2 price points fairly consistently on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.  But, you see, profits can and will be made even if a stock only fluctuates 1 or 2 times a year.  If you can find a stock that channels between 2 price points in any time frame, than the stock could make money for you.  Why?  Because you know what the stock is going to hit price-wise "ceiling identification", by finding the stock's trading pattern, which means you can buy and sell the stock at exactly the right profit points.  These are the kind of guerrilla trading tactics we teach here at Rolling Stock Profits.com

Of course, there is a short, but essential education process that is involved to trade these stocks properly.  The education process is achieved from what has become known as the Rolling Stock Trader's Bible, which is our renown Rolling Stock eBook guide.  H.I.R. Investments has been providing small-cap trading information online to investors for over 15 years, with a proven track record for reliability. 

We don't take the cheap route as so many financial rolling stock/small cap sites out there do, putting you at risk to lose money.  We are experts in this business, with a devoted information research staff, and are dedicated 110% to providign you with the knowledge needs to trade rolling stocks.

As with any stock though, it's always a very good idea to place a stop-loss or sell limit order should the stock not do what you expected which is essential to preserving your capital and a key strategy to long term success with these types of stocks. 

You see, the stock market is ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL!  Any successful investor will tell you the same thing, but none of them will go out of their way to show you why or even how the psychological trading aspect effects trading volume.  We do!  It's only right! 

Knowing how the moods of investors and the stock market itself will react during a stock play is key!

We show you step-by-step how to find profitable rolling stocks, by analyzing stock trading trends, and then implementing those trends into your actual stock trading sessions.

We show you how to profit off of ROLLING: penny stocks, small cap, micro-cap, mid-cap, blue chip, cyclical, and seasonal stocks.

We teach you how to generate steady profits from rolling stocks that are priced any where from: .001, all the way to over $100 blue chip stocks.

Every day there are new rolling stocks emerging, and thousands of investors are taking advantage of them, pocketing hundreds, even thousands of percentages in profits from these types of fluctuating stocks.

Here is an Example of a typical Rolling Penny Stock:

Red circles indicate peak profit points during yearly stock fluctuations!  The points at which you buy at are the dips, right before/below the peak profit points.  These red circles are the points you sell at!  This is simple!  Nothing Too Technical!

The chart above provides an example and hypothetical

earnings trading this type of rolling stock.  

Again, this is only an example of an ideal rolling stock


By looking at the chart above, you'll notice the stock fluctuating roughly 20-95% throughout the year.  Note, this is just one of many thousands of penny stocks out there that perform just the same.  If you had bought and sold the stock repeatedly at the peak profit points starting out with a $2,000 investment, you would have $8,000-$20,000 in cash by the end of the year "annual trading cycle".  That number is based off of buying and selling $2,000 in stock 10 times with profit percentages ranging from 20-95%.  Now, figure in the profits, if you had bumped that number up to $4,000 + stock trades.  These types of profits can be achieved with any starting amount, whether it be $100 or $100,000.  The possibilities are truly endless when trading these types of highly fluctuating rolling stocks.  Not only could you trade this stock for the year, but you could trade many at a time!  The profits can be impressive! (Broadcast Trading)

We teach you how to find these stocks, and trade them.  A total breakdown and lesson on how to pull profits from all markets.  Buy at .60, Sell at a $1.  Start out small, then work your way up to thousands and thousands.  It's very simple!  You know at what point to buy, and what point to sell.



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